Are you thinking of starting manufacturing in Cambodia?
Are you exporting to Vietnam?

Worrying locals or copycats stealing or profiting from your brand?

How do you manage to protect your brand?


With the Madrid Protocol System now, the process of multinational trademark registration is simplified through a single International Registration, i.e. one application in Malaysia.

What you can do to protect your brand?

  • Malaysian trademark proprietors may now file trademark applications in the member states of the Madrid Union, eg. Cambodia, Vietnam etc
  • Similarly, trademark proprietors from member states of Madrid Union may now file in Malaysia through their local Government Trademark Office

By doing so what are the key advantages?

  • You are no longer required to engage foreign trademark attorneys and liaising with the local Government Trademark Office separately
  • The maintenance of trademark registrations such as renewals, changes of name or address can now be handled by one agent
  • It is convenient & cost-effective solution for brand owners worldwide
  • More businesses can be protected by filing one application with a single fee

So contact us for registration of your trademarks today!



Trademark Registration 1 Application in 1 Class or more classes in Malaysia.

File a single application in Malaysia and pay one set of fees to apply for protection in up to 122 countries through one centralized system.

Afghanistan Africa Albania Algeria Antigua & Barbuda Armenia Australia
Austria Azerbaijan Bahrain Belarus Belgium Bhutan Bosnia & Harzegovina
Botswana Brazil Brunei Bulgaria Cambodia Canada China
Colombia Crotia Cuba Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
Egypt Estonia Eswatini European Union Finland France Gambia
Georgia Germany Ghana Greece Hungary Iceland India
Indonesia Iran Ireland Israel Italy Japan Kazakhstan
Latvia Lesotho Liberia Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Laos People Democratic Republic
Madagascar Malawi Malaysia Mexico Monaco Mongolia Montenegro
Morocco Mozambique Namibia New Zealand North Macedonia Netherlands Republic of Korea
Norway Oman Philippines Poland Portugal Romania Republic of Moldova
Rwanda Russian Federation Samoa San Marino Serbia Sierra Leone Sao Tome and Principe
Singapore Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland Syrian Arab Republic
Sudan Tajikistan Thailand Tunisia Turkey Turkmenistan United States of America
Ukraine United Kingdom Uzbekistan Vietnam Zambia Zimbabwe