Our team has a lot of experience crossing a wide spectrum of clients ranging from banks, local companies, company reconstruction, auctions and liquidation and receivership.

Our lawyers are well versed with the law, its procedures, court process and system. We provide prompt and constructive feedback to our clients, taking into account the practical and commercial considerations of the issues involved.


Assessment of viability of legal proceedings
Verify accuracy of particulars
Conduct visual searches
Inquiries on debtor’s business, work and residence
Render second opinions and strategies
Offer practical and commercially viable alternatives to expedite the conclusion of legal disputes

Where specialization is required, we work and appear with experienced legal counsels.

Our Services include offensive and defensive actions, enforcement of court orders, injunctions and other proceedings such as :-

Debt recovery – general

Breach of contract / contractual issues

Sale of goods



Banking and finance – hire purchase, loans (foreclosures, auctions, civil suits, suits against guarantors, suits against borrowers involving abandoned projects), credit cards and others

Building and construction disputes

Consumer claims

Property litigation


Tort / negligence

Landlord and tenant

Divorce and separation

Schemes of arrangements

Industrial relations and employment

Eviction proceedings – tenants, occupants, squatters, trespassers

Company reconstruction and other corporate exercises requiring the approval of the Courts

Land matters including disputes on ownership, caveat removal

Patent, copyright, trademark or other intellectual property infringement, passing off

Land acquisition

Liquidation / receivership and insolvency

Voluntary winding up of companies

Criminal litigation for customs, assault, theft offences


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