Our rapidly expanding client base incorporates local, national and international clients. We also assist other out-of-state legal firms with their transactions locally. Distance does not preclude a close working relationship with all.

Many of our clients are return customers, and we have had the honour of executing further sales and purchase agreements, rental or sub-sales for them. These satisfied clients have also recommended us to their friends.


Advice and assistance to our clients from the negotiation stage to completion in connection with their property needs
Solutions to conflicts and any property or ownership issues including those involving abandoned projects and estate property
Administration and legal support to clear documentation and collate documents for our clients
Clear steps such that an aggrieved party is able to achieve a favourable outcome
Drafting expertise


The issuance of new titles where the original titles have been lost, or due to fraud have not been delivered to various banks
Partitioning or subdivision orders for co-owners of lands
Approvals for change of land use and conditions on the title


Sale & Purchase transactions

  • With / without subdivided title, strata titles (building or land intended for subdivision into parcels/separate strata titles to the parcels)
  • Different categories of land use
  • Auctioned property
  • Danaharta assets
  • Malay Reservation Land
  • Bumiputra units and others
  • Estate Land Board Acquisitions

Temporary Occupation Licences


Easements / Rights of way



Tenancies – commercial complexes, industrial and commercial units, residential

Conversion of categories of Land use

Transactions for Bumiputra and Malay Reserve units pending approval for release to Non- Bumiputra / cancellation of Malay reserve endorsement

Contracts for gated community, service apartments, commercial / shopping, resorts

Revival of abandoned projects – structuring the respective relationships, termination of previous developers, consultants and contractors, documenting substituted performance by newly appointed developer and revised contractual relationships with purchasers (previous and new)

Change in conditions on title

Partitioning / Subdivision of titles

Surrender and Alienation of Land




Property and Project Development including links with financial institutions

Advice on regulatory compliance


Joint ventures and other structures

Turnkey / building contracts

Consultancy agreements

Marketing and agency agreements

Members and non-members’ clubs among others