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In an increasingly innovative and complex market-driven financial world, business efficacies are constantly balanced against business risks. The Firm provides sound up-to-date legal advice on a full spectrum of banking and finance issues based on a commercial and practical approach.

When it comes to the security documentation and the financing process, we ensure that it complies with all the legal principles, including statutes such as the Company Act, plus other factors which could affect the standing of the facility and most important of all, meets the client’s requirements.

For example: -

  • A non-Malaysian corporate guarantor will require checks for compliance with the laws of their residence
  • The correct completion of the Registry of Companies’ forms such as for partial discharge of facilities as distinguished from full discharge and other undertaking

This assures that the financier’s interest is safeguarded at all times. It also ensures that the status reporting is prompt and in accordance with the client’s requirements be it by email, fax or post.

We further enhance our services by value adding and supporting our clients with potential leads and business opportunities for their range of products.
We also advise our clients as to the legal feasibility and adequacy of the proposed method of taking security. 
By scrutinizing the proposed security and security documentation requested by the financier from the customer, we are able to highlight any detrimental points / issues for our customers. 
Updating our clients with developments and / or changes in the law, practice and procedure affecting the banking facility, or security for our clients as the financier. 


For example: -

  • The directives of a particular land registry which could affect the timing of a facility draw down
  • The non-transfer of ownership of a security in favour of the customer thereby delaying the charge of the property


Our experienced lawyers have drafted and prepared documentation for various financial, conventional, securities and Amanah products.

Drafting expertise

Housing and commercial

Term loan, overdraft, or trade lines

Trade financing facilities

Share financing

Bridging finance


Hire purchase



Letters of Undertaking / Comfort


Assignments of rental and others


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