In an increasingly litigious society, we appreciate the requirement for professional speedy and budget conscious solutions.
Corporate / Commercial
Our services include vetting, advice, structuring and monitoring the deal and drafting of documentation.
Banking & Finance
In an increasingly innovative and complex market-driven financial world where business efficacies are constantly balanced against business risks, we're there for you.
Islamic Banking
With the advent of Islamic Banking and the various offering of products and services, we have set up a special department focusing on this.
Conveyancing / Property
Our client base incorporates local, national and international clients. We also assist other out-of-state legal firms with their transactions locally.
Family Law
We are also involved in Family Law and are often invited to speak on matrimonial proceedings, wills, trusts and other estate planning instruments and issues.
Intellectual Property
We conduct searches, offer advice and handle applications for assignment and/or registration in Malaysia and other countries.
Alternative Dispute Resolution
We encourage the use of mediation and arbitration in the resolution of disputes particularly where evidence may not be complete or where the parties required continuing a working relationship.
Office lobby of Nora SWLam & Associates

The Firm

Established in 1998 by Ms Nora S.W. Lam, the Senior Partner and Founder of the Firm has now grown into a reputable Partnership law practice providing a comprehensive range of legal services to both our domestic and international clients.

The Firm’s main office is conveniently located in downtown Johor Bahru (JB), Johor, Malaysia across from the Johor-Singapore Causeway.

The Firm’s team of lawyers are committed to providing clear, practical, cost-effective and commercial advice. We offer a client driven, personal service and we value their individual needs, goals and businesses. Our staff with their experience and different talents strive for excellence in the form of quality, commitment, integrity and BEST PRACTICE.

nswlam logo

The Triangle shape shows the continuity of the rule of law and our unity as lawyers with our clients and business associates.

Colours black white and grey indicate that law is often referred to as black and white ( hence the phrase “ the letter of the law”) , but there are always grey areas of uncertainty, vagueness or room for argument.

The folds in the triangle corners show the turning of pages of documents and the way evidence twists and turns at times.

Our core values are to listen and understand what our client’s wants and needs, resolve their legal problems and reduce their risks at a sensible cost.

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